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Yes, first proper one was when I was fourteen. I challenged a bully because I was naive enough to believe being in the right was enough to take on a guy twice my size. School lunch break, in the park. All very juvenile but terrifying at the time. The guy slapped me around for a while, but then hit the top of my head at a bad angle, and broke his wrist. I guess he was trying too hard. He didn't come back to school after lunch because he had to go to hospital. For once school gossip was on my side. All everyone knew was that two men left, and one man returned. Was never bothered again. Been in a few more since then, but the Irony of that one will always make me smile

Have you ever woken up from a dream, and then tried to get back to sleep straight away, because you missed the dream so much?

"I am too fearful to wish that dreams can come true, for that also encourages the reality of nightmares" S.W.D
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