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Hi YvonJan, You post follows mine for reference. Here's a few thoughts on your question.

Why are you writing this? Why does this topic resinate in you? What are you wanting to say? If you can get clear why you're writing something most times that will solve many issues.

Who is it being written for? When you imagine your ideal reader who is that? A teen? A good or bad teen? A parent of a teen? Your grandmother? Your english teacher? An old girl friend? If you can dig this out of your subconscious it will solve many issues.

Are you a teen? And if so, those questions above will be helpful. If you're not a teen and want to capture teenhood how do you get the needed expertise? There's many ways to do this, from the net to teen mags.

I believe there are no shortcuts to writing. If you can't live what you write then you have to gain that experience by research then transporting yourself into it.

Finally, no matter how you prepare yourself, you still have to write it. So write it. Do a rough draft. Clean it up and share it here. Evaluate the feedback. Throw it away or do a rewrite. Call it gone or done. Write something else.

Some ideas to ponder. Good luck with it. wrc

Originally Posted by YvonJan View Post
Hi there. So I'm writing a story series which will involve all manner of teen characters. Trouble is, not only was I not a normal teen, I never understood the normal trappings of the teenaged female. I've preferred many of the things guys do, and also have long since recognized the hollowness of obsessing over Hollywood/fashion, and all the stuff teen girls go on about.

In other words, how do I teen girl? I want my my normies to feel more 3D, so what are they really like? Or what is something I can read that would help?

You're not dead 'til you're dead and when you are you won't know it. So, keep on writing and having fun.

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