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I agree with Non Serviam. Writing to your target audience is a solid piece of advice. Teens are diverse. And I think teen activities will vary based on demographics. That said, I live with two teens. Here are some observations

They communicate via text and social media. Snapchat, tumblr etc
- call their close friends their squad
- quote memes
- follow social media (not magazines)
- are happy alone in their rooms (because they have phones, iPads and computers)
-do their homework online
- most drama is stirred up by texts and social media
-play a sport or two
-hot topic : gender fluidity
-environmentally friendly
-passionate about music which they listen to constantly on their phones
-less playing outside more watching Net Flicks
-smart and nerdy are now the cool kids
Anyway, they are all different as should be your character. Best of luck
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