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Default Ideas For My Protagonist

I've finished writing the story for part 2 in the trilogy I am planning for a game. I'll soon be starting the third and final part. In the future, I'll be writing a trilogy of books based on the mod.

Part 3 will feature a completely different protagonist, he will be the great grandson of the protagonist from part 2 seeing as how part 3 will be set many years after part 2.

Here are some traits I have planned for him:

-He is a young man in his early twenties, and yet he is still afraid of the dark. Because of this, he is openly mocked and ridiculed by many.
-His fear of the dark is a result of an incident on Halloween night when he was three years old. He was out trick or treating with his mother, and when they were confronted by a thug who attempted to rob them. His mother ultimately gave her life to save him and he watched from his hiding place while the man murdered her after having his way with her. That was not only the first time he went out trick or treating, it was also his last.
-He had never known his father. His father was locked away in a mental institution for the criminally insane after his father killed a man in a bar room brawl and for telling stories claiming that his grandfather was a great hero in an alternate world.
-He likes to read mystery novels and dreams of becoming a detective.
-Wanting to gain the respect of the community, he becomes a police officer, but his fear of the dark gets the best of him during his first assignment, resulting in several officers being killed in a shootout with the thieves he failed to chase because of said fear. As a result, he is thrown off the force in disgrace.

Here are some ideas for some of his struggles during the story:

-As a result of the scandal surrounding his name, his reputation is destroyed. He loses his few friends and girlfriend who abandon him for the purpose of saving face. A few of his relatives make it clear to him that they no longer want anything to do with him. They include his paternal uncle, one of his cousins who practically encourages him to do the world a favor and end it all, and his maternal aunt who at one point during the story bitterly considers him a disgrace to her sister's memory and claims she should have just let him die.
-He comes into contact with an organization whose members are all people who have hit rock bottom and feel like there is no hope for a better life with them.
-Much of his extended family is slaughtered at a family reunion by a group of people from that organization, led by a vengeful former world war II comrade of his grandfather's. He ends up being suspected for multiple murder.
-He finally gets to meet his father, but at this point his father is dying.
-With nothing to lose, he embarks on a mission of vengeance, which ultimately results in him being transported to another world where he learns that the stories that got his father locked away were true all along. He learns that the organization he came into contact with has invaded this world and that their founder is a powerful wizard who intends to destroy the human race.
-He makes friends with several people including a wizard who is the brother of the organization's founder, a rebellious freespirited princess with whom he falls in love with, and a member of the rebellion against the organization.
-He gets a chance to fulfill his dream of becoming a detective when he uncovers a conspiracy surrounding the royal family.
-He discovers that one of his cousins is actually a member of the organization.
-He unwittingly restores to power a dark wizard who plunges both the alternate world and Earth into eternal darkness who then unleashes nightmarish creatures who thrive on darkness upon humanity. To save both worlds and be a hero, he must somehow overcome his fear of the dark, otherwise humanity is doomed, spending whatever time it has left cursing his name.

These are just ideas of course. What I'm still trying to determine is:

-What exactly happened that fateful Halloween night?
-What was his first assignment as a police officer?
-How does the public treat him as a result of the scandal?
-How does much of his family treat him as a result?
-How will he overcome his fear?

How does these ideas sound for my protagonist so far? If anyone has any suggestions, let me know?

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