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Originally Posted by Grace Gabriel View Post
I'm not convinced it all boils down to technical issues. It's like a pub - you stick your head in the door, scan the room for someone you know, and make a sharp exit if it's a room full of strangers.

There seems to be quite a flow of new members who post a piece - then promptly disappear. You can have good intentions of giving your time to try and encourage new writers - but you can end up feeling disinclined to bother if they're not interested enough to come back and collect commentary on their submission. They don't stay long enough to make an impact or build relationships.

I belong to a dozen Facebook writers groups. It's like ADHD mania all the time, with useless soul-draining posts and games. Trolling seems to be the only post-worthy thing happening. No real writing, but lots of people who want to become writers for a couple days. And if I tell someone to fuck-off, suddenly I'm the bad guy.
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