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Originally Posted by Tau View Post
Well Ess, that could be because they care. Frightening isnít it?
Not really, it's nice to know thay care if somewhat embarssing at times. For instance, my mum asked if she needed to buy me a packet of condoms because of the activies my sister was engaging in (O.o) even though I'm the sensiable one im my family. (Somewhat perverted at times but not stupid enough to have underage sex or do anything inappropiate)

Originally Posted by Night Wanderer View Post
When I was your age I thought that mommies and daddies made babies by kissing...

...okay, maybe not. But still. Un-grow-up a little.
Hehe if only you knew what my parents told me about sex (which includes their experiences)...

Besides, sex education lessons are taught in year 5 at my old school (ahes 9/10) so it's no surprise that SophiV, I and countless others know stuff. Our innonence was snatched away...

Originally Posted by SophiVengeance View Post
haha school teaches us everything now-a-days
My health teacher was not afraid to tell us things
Ask her the most stupid, inappropriate questions and she'll answer
One kid asked:"can you get pregnant by sharing thongs?"
And the teacher went all in-depth about it

Also, she lectured how "penis" and "vagina" are not bad words. She said we all have them, just like eyeballs, but eyeballs isnt a bad word so penis and vagina arent

Then she made us yell "PENIS" on the count of three with her
It would be pretty funny if the principal just happened to walk by when she did that xD
That sounds so fun. We don't have a health teacher, so our teachers skim over it.
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