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"What about the secret places where she cuts? Could you describe them in a way that could apply equally to hidden paper and covered body parts? Where do people hide diaries, for instance? Under the bed, in underwear drawers, behind books on a shelf? Where do people hide cuts?"

---> The 'underwear drawers' part gave me a good idea.

like her skin is the diary of course so
A tolerance for tears
Fears written where
no soul will see.

Her diary lies.
Buried under underwear,
under where it hides.
Obscured, maligned.

Her pen glides,
belies the beauty
of the body
of work.

Betrays the sanctity
of this blessed vellum.

Relays a message
that will fall on deaf ears.

This page.
This catharsis-stained page.
Reality's sole stage.

But no one bought
tickets to this show.

No one will read this page.
No one will hear the ink scream.
No one will stop her.

----> Still needs some work, but I believe it's an improvement, and I'm fresh out of ideas at this point.
Only in his hometown, among his relatives, and in his own house, is a prophet without honor. ~ Jesus of Nazareth

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