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Default Consciousness and society

Won't go into too much detail here in the introductory post (I'd rather see where it goes after some responses).

I'm beginning to believe social pressures had a near-exclusive role to play in the evolution of consciousness. There's no accepted definition for consciousness, but for me (for the sake of clarifying what I'm talking about) it is something like "an awareness of the self".

It seems like no coincidence that all those higher organisms we call "intelligent" and "conscious" are also the most complex in their social associations: dolphins, dogs, chimpanzees... They also have the most advanced brains.

I'm supposing that consciousness is an evolution that facilitates the social process by giving an organism the capacity to "look" at itself, and thereby police it's own instincts/emotions in the interest of maintaining group harmony, which in turn affords the organism the ongoing benefit of group participation (instead of being ejected from the group for bad behaviour).

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