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Originally Posted by anna View Post
ah, but consciousness could be considered none existent, simply the observable outcome of the subconscious workings. As a female one is primed to observe in this context because the subconscious workings are indeed of great evolutionary benefit. Boys, us girls create life. Gestation, labour and child rearing take time, effort, love and social context. We are a vulnerable creature and interdependent for our survival.

The survival of our species is dependent on this observational awareness that extends beyond the reflection of the preservation of self and ones own agenda to the ultimate benefit of the group at large. Likewise emotional investment through art, tool usage, making, building and social interactions are all manners of observable reflections of the subconscious workings of humankind.

So, from an evolutionary perspective, assuming this is true (and I have no reason to doubt it), why would men be conscious? To please women? Im fine with it if that is the answer. I do exist to please my wife. Or at least it seems that way to me mostly. And Iím not at all bitter or resentful about this arrangement either. In fact, itís kind of a good arrangement for me. Makes things simple, and men do like simple things.

Her list is miles long and wonít ever get finished. Mine is one sentence and ends at about 8pm everyday.

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