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brianpatrick: Missed this. I’m no climate scientist, but the point is not how hot the sun is, it’s how much of that heat stays in our atmosphere and causes the planet (including the oceans) to warm. The more carbon in our atmosphere, the more heat is trapped and can’t escape.

The sun is not hotter now than it’s been since man evolved.

Please don’t become a stereotype. I’d lose the little amount of respect I have for your philosophies all together.

But... I still respect you as a human being. ‘All things great and small’ as the saying goes.

I won't change based on "what little respect" you have for me. Is that supposed to be a convincing argument?

The sun is not hotter now than it’s been since man evolved.

Perhaps you will soon lose all respect for NASA either? According to NASA

Our star varies in every way we can observe it. The sun's writhing magnetic fields – caused by the movement of the charged material, known as plasma, it's made of – leads to constant change on timescales from milliseconds to billions of years. We see giant solar eruptions such as solar flares and coronal mass ejections that can last minutes to hours. We see dark sunspots form, grow and disappear on its surface over weeks. The magnetic poles of the sun flip approximately every 11 years causing a solar cycle that has been meticulously tracked since the 1600s. And over millennia, the total energy output of the sun at any given time is known to change.
As we live in the extended atmosphere of this star -- which dominates our solar system and sustains life on Earth -- we need to understand what drives such variation. What's more, knowledge of what powers the sun helps us create better models to predict what kind of radiation and energy it may send our way. Such information also teaches us about other stars throughout the universe.
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