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@Mohican well for your points. If you didn't like me before you're really gonna hate me now. Nevertheless this is a teachable moment and we can talk about the patriarchate's relation to Putin. First things first these are not independent entities. The church is subservient to the state as it has been well documented and serves as a means of self-legitimization as well as a source of disinformation. As always I'm going to qualify this. I swear to god I'd love someone to really try and counter my claims but alas we already went over that

Here is a brief overlook of the articles concerning the patriarchate and even one from Breitbart XD


As for your second statement here is Putin's man in Chechnya:

I'll get more links concerning him just gotta give me some time. I also have a book or two that I think might be germane to him. Angel From Grozny I think but don't quote me on that one I have to go back and do some rereading.

I'd like to find some articles in the original russian on him but I'm not a fluent speaker and so its always something of a hassle but I'll do what I can.
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