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Default Septimus McReigner

My name is Septimus Herman McReigner. I live with my parents and my two siblings. I'd like to think of myself as an average 11-year-old kid, but how can you be with a name like Septimus? I prefer to be called Tim. But don't call me Tiny Tim! I may be only 3'6" (106 centimeters), but that doesn't mean anything!

You probably want to know more about what I look like? I have brown hair and brown eyes. Some people say my head looks pretty big. And my arms and legs are pretty short. A LOT of people say I look younger than I am.

Some people think I'm too cautious but when everyone is trying to prank you, you have to be on guard. Yep. My siblings and some of my classmates love to steal my glasses off of my face and run off. Yes, they're BRUTAL.

Worst thing is that I'm starting a new school next this year. I can only imagine the torture they'll put me to.

Last year was terrible. I never got any of the rules in the school plays. I was called names every day, pushed to the limits in gym class and treated condescendingly by my teacher.

But I think I'm pretty cool. I mean, not many people have my birthday, which is February 29th. I'm pretty good at swimming. And I can dance, too!
Maybe, just MAYBE I have a chance.

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