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Default Bot Books

Originally Posted by Beesauce View Post
Okay. So the question is a futuristic what if...then i'd do... sort of scenario and has been on my mind for months since reading about Internet bots that interact and can fabricate conversational responses that simulate a conscious human. A heavily experimented possibility waiting to flood the Internet most likely as net neutrality continues to be rewritten into the next policy --

The question is --

What would you do (if anything) as an author if you knew that robots were able to write books in moments of content plug-ins?

Should robots be able to write books? Should humanity be creating robots that write books? And what does this do to the industry of book writing? Especially if the world simply knew that (a lot/some) books were being written by algorithms instead of people?

I'm curious to know if anyone cares and what distance would they go to keep this from being accepted.

So, this question is probably not as futuristic as it might seem from this side of the Big Bang. An interesting question is: what will bots end up writing when they are turned loose? Probably nothing wed be interested in reading anyway. In fact, we probably wont even be able to read the stuff anyway. Likely the bots will figure out entertaining us is about as useful as entertaining my cat.

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