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And yet another worry becomes that textbooks for public schools could be written in this way, but with unscrupulous editors or simple lackadaisical checking of facts and error, could create great problems of disinformation by pure accident of content algorithms.

Just because a bots created doesn't mean it's flawless because it's a bot. By nature it may process most things faster than any human, but the driving force is so mechanical as to demoralize the idea that writing is a factory typing.. by god! they've done it. Monkeys in a typewriter factory. It's fun and games but i don't know, I don't want to become a fanatic, but I'd be so angry to read a book and find it was written by a bot. The first article I shared though says the Associated Press already uses these to help write the news. It's just a shame to see news articles not being writ by journalists

goes to show whats deaddying. i should go knock on wood.
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