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repost from elsewhere, the "has trump finally met his match with the appointment of robert mueller to the special counsel" thread

"... just that a witchhunt, much like some widefire perhaps, doesn't stop where it is intended to..." started the goblin adding "...I mean hasn't this all occurred before..." the goblin was thinking back to the french revolution, he restarted " now does one set up the guillotine upon capital hill, and start with the king in all his guilt there, his queen next, not forgetting those other royals with him, then form there on towards his court and his cabinet too, beheading whomsoever one suspects of being against one's policies, till finally in the midst of this insatiable bloodlust they call out for the instigator's blood too, where you in the role of robespierre bring the reign of terror to its rightful conclusion by feeding your own guillotine with yourself, ending the people's revolution ushering in napoleon's counter revolution...", yes, somehow the goblin knew that once an investigative witchhunt was started it couldn't really end with the burning of just one witch alone, sighing " it's this witchhunt today, and how they want trump to be burnt now, only they don't see how corrupt those accusers are too, so much so in fact that those investigating flames might leap back out from the fire burning back through their ranks as a recompense for such folly..."

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