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Originally Posted by Leila View Post
Read it! Beats the Heller out of Crime and Punishment. Not only is it one of the funniest books, like, ever, but it's a generational/cultural icon; the key to how we old radicals think of the establishment.
Of course, then you'll have to read Closing Time and Something Happened. Worth the bother.

To anyone who thinks they ought to read the 19th century Russian or French novelists:
No, you don't have to. You might enjoy them... or you might be tempted to slit your wrists; either way, you're expected to invest a lot of time for very little reward.
If you want the flavour of the period, go to the English ones. Vanity Fair and Mayor of Casterbridge are a lot more fun. If you want to do literary penance, wade through Of Human Bondage....

I did read War and Peace, dropped those crazy Karamazov brothers on their head after Chapter 2; rather enjoyed Doctor Zhivago in a morbid sort of way, struggled through The Black and the Red, threw Madam Bovary against the wall and didn't even open Remembrance of Things Past - because by then I realized that I don't owe anybody anything.

I read what I like.

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