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Default Me, and one quick question about citing.

Aloha everyone! Yes, I live in Hawaii (Kauai) and love to write. I'm not proud to mention that I'm deficient in nearly all phases of writing (not just one or two!), but I intend to become a capable writer someday. I currently write non-fiction because I feel that it's easier to for me to note my weaknesses and my progression. Lately, I haven't been writing because of one issue pertaining to citing. If anyone could help, that help would be greatly appreciated.

When I read almost any article/essay in the media now, the old format of citing isn't used. I'll provide an example:
"Fox news yanked a story about the Winter Olympics today..."

Instead of providing more information on the story, a word (or words) will either be underlined or colored blue in the sentence, and you just put your cursor over the word and are then directed to another page containing that information.

I've tried using MLA, PWL, and others writing cites about this, but I couldn't find any useful information. Can anyone assist me in learning this newer style of citing?

Mahalo, Richieneedshelp!

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