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Hi Devon.

Thank you for taking the time to explain what took place on WB which led to outlawing serious discussions. I appreciate the time you spent in explaining it.

However, I don’t agree with the moderator’s response to that situation. Abuse of one member by another means they’ve turned into a bully. Abuse back means there’s two bullies. But there’s no way to outlaw disagreements. Had I been a moderator I would have voted against the idea of kicking topics like religion and politics off WB.

Kicking topics from the site seems to me to be the wrong approach. Of all sites on the net, one dedicated to writing should be fighting tooth and nail for freedom of speech and thought.,

I understand the fear of disputes getting out of hand. I don’t know what you can do electronically, but kicking the fighters off the site for a cooling period, say for 24 hours, could be good and would be respectful to all. And if they can’t become calm, kick them off the site.

So there you have my opinion. But, hey, that’s just one writer’s opinion. I love it here and it does wonders for my work.

Have a nice writing day.

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