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Originally Posted by JoeMatt View Post
Heh. I'm kidding, mostly. I did feel a twinge of sadness when we cancelled the paper and some days I still miss it. We mainly cancelled it because the price kept going up and it kept getting thinner and thinner -- with very little content that you couldn't get elsewhere.

As for books -- I have an iPad, but I stare at various screens all day, so reading a book seems like more of a break or escape. I'm not ready to give them up just yet.
our local paper (no sunday paper) raised the price of the Saturday paper by a quarter - no biggie. People buy it because it is stuffed with the advertising flyers that one sees in a Sunday paper. Knowing the business, I understand that advertisers pay a lot of the freight. I think the extra twenty five cents is because they can get away with it, an people in the area want to read the sports pages.
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