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We are speaking of a large scale targeted operation. Our operatives have been working the industry and forums for years, using false identities they have built up a staunch reputation in this your 'community'.
Oh, really. We'll thanks for the heads-up.

The authors you most admire who you hold up as celebrated successes of your community, are merely using you to support books which are a front for political sabotage on a grand scale, very real secrets being marketed as fiction.
Whoa! Now there's an accusation that would have to be proven. You got anything on a recording device or video?

You will only know us by the process of disruption we engage in.
We'll be watching...

We refuse to leave a signature as we are not here to inform on ourselves, consider this a public service announcement, your leaders will submit to our will, and it is your own deference to authority that condemns you as pawns in our operations.
This sentence needs less commas and more periods. A rework would be advised also here: "your leaders will("shall" works better) submit to our will". And, if you're referring to leaders as staff, I'd like to think that staff are members sworn to uphold and/or interpret the rules per incident. Lastly, (on one lone clue I'm convinced of an April fools prank) I think you're going to have real trouble getting any characters around here to submit to fictitious will! Unless it's in the adult forum of course.

Good try though.
Battle is tricky. Sometimes one can only hope that luck strikes favorably. But without effort, luck is sacrificed.
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