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Default Cleaning Toilets for Minimum Wage by beefheart

Oh, how they keep me hungry for it! Oh, how they keep that price just a little bit higher. Higher now, higher baby, that's it -- like a carrot on a treadmill. And I'm working, Lord I'm working, at twenty six hours a week. Eight-seventy-five and hour -- I'd work more, baby, but they won't give me the hours! They say -- these times are hard for everyone, baby -- then they slap me on the ass and shove me out the door. And I get paid just shy of two hundred a week.

That's enough, yeah, that's just fine! I got holes in my shoes, but that's drugs for the next couple weeks. I'm so grateful -- Lord, I'm grateful! On Fridays baby, I don't have to think about it! My eight dollar cigarettes and my six dollar six pack and my three point five grams. I'm golden, baby, I'm set -- set 'til come Tuesday.

I go to school, now, I go to school! To get a higher wage, to get a decent job -- to secure at least ten dollars an hour. That's the best I can hope for. (Oh, women! Oh women!) My rubles, my copecks, give me bread but give me roses -- I'll smoke the fuckin' roses!

My teachers have attended the likes of Yale and Stanford and MIT. But they teach here now, and that's the difference. With their hundred thousand dollar educations and mediocre salaries. Spent the entirety of their youth in a text book. Most can't even get tenured. What a glamorous lifestyle it's afforded them! Eight a.m. remedial math class, with students who don't give a shit, students who are sleeping. Students who's parents pay fifty thousand dollars a semester, cause they love that little shit to pieces, he's gonna go so far! Education ain't worth a dime.

In a world looking at gas station attendants with bachelors degrees. In a world full of historians and film majors -- of nutritionists and dental hygienists -- in a world of fire-science and English-writing degrees!

Yeah baby, yeah, child, you can be anything you wanna be! Yeah, baby, for a price.
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