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(whereupon the goblin showed up wondering if "partners in crime" wouldn't be a better term than "comrades" would, well at least for those who created worlds out of their pens so to speak, then smiling "...yes we steal your time in whatever you read of us here, and whatever you envision us to be too, you and reader after reader's precious time absorbed into our plots as it were, simply we steal their time then, where being online is virtual reality, and what is virtual reality if not another term for fiction here, not that I make any bones about it though, just it's our trade I guess and their fault for not holding on to that reality when they choose to idle away their time in our fiction here...", the goblin flung his arms wide in a shrug of whatever then, before looking up back at DoggedDavid once more, remarking "...yes we were born both thieves and escape artists too, so I welcome you now but as you can see it's nothing to be proud of really...")

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