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Here is a stab at an edit. The poem got darker but that may reflect a different mood during the edit. I also cleaned up some of the other areas.

Her new rules and constraints
hog-tie my legs,
anchor me to underwater rocks.

Her fear and fragility
handcuff my hands
behind my back
lest I grab her;
shake some sense into
her paranoid illusive fantasy.

I’m on tiptoes,
coughing and sputtering
on rising bitter saltwater.

choking, and powerless
I can only watch from the distance
she has proscribed.

She sits among the washed-up skeletal
remains of a once mighty fish,
blind, deaf, consumed -
knife in her right hand,
pills in her left
desperation and indecision
leaks from her eyes.

If there be any mercy left in this world,
the sea will take my life
before she takes hers.
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