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Originally Posted by Nick Pierce View Post
When you are makin' it
Really layin' the pipe
Slammin' the headboard against the wall
Bed slats bustin' through
Finally rockin' someone's world
That's when the big one comes knockin'
Whole house shakin'
Freeways crackin'
Cars plungin' from broken bridges into the sea

Or you've done your groundwork
The weeks of quiet conversations
The right restaurant dinner
The unhurried meander to your place
Soft music
Soft light
Soft touches
Tongue twisting to task
And here come the moans
Whimpers and moist movement
And the sky cracks open
The deluge discharges onto your roof
Finds the openings
Water running down the walls
Soaking the rugs
The river floods it's banks
Rushes through the streets
Rushes through your door
Flushes through the room

She is a goddess, temptress and wanton
She wants to be yours for only one night
And you know you have been lucky
And there it is
Man's magic
Extended to the stars
Prototype of the Redwood
And as things apart draw closer together it happens
The sirens
The sirens
Back doors slappin' open
Storm cellar doors slammin' shut
The screamin' howling freight train wind is comin'

And you ain't

Has a Roominghouse Madrigals shape, I think.
Through the smoke and fog there comes a form ... shape shifting ... could this be the Future?
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