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Lin-We'll agree to disagree on that point! May the best writer win!!

Spelling schmelling- I want two writers, feverishly typing themselves into a lather for the ultimate prize in prose- the respect of random online nobodies! With stakes this high, who could resist the action! A quip, a quote, a stroke of the pen as cruel as that of the sword- one wordsmythe victorious, the other ruined!

Paragraphs parried against paragraphs, meter racing neck in neck with meter, dictionaries ripped to shreads in the frantic search for the sharpest biting adjective, commas are hand grenades, exclamation points poison tipped spears! Each period a grunt in the struggle for punctuation domination! Misspellings are trips, slips, falls! Metaphors are back stabs to exposed kidneys!

Writers- Sharpen your pencils- it's about to get real.
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