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("...most people would judge that colan doyle was very successful with his creation sherlock holmes, yet he himself grew to hate his creation even killing it off then, only to forced to bring it back because those same readers wanted nothing but sherlock holmes now..." mentioned the goblin agreeing with Lin in his way, and yet warning that successful writing can also trap one by the rewards it offers, adding "...I suspect that the readers too, are more inclined to read posts than ebooks today, that the on-line content providers were looking for shortish things to entice viewer with too, whereas the writer not only needs their writings in ebook form, but that they also now need a quick witted on-line persona like the one Lin has...", and with that the goblin waved goodbye to mark.d, saying "...more readers here than on most writer's forums, and please don't misunderstand us, this forum is not some workshop for would be writers, instead it's their showroom window, for how else are those readers going to find their next read without the word of mouth that forumland offers like this...")

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