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Haha this is getting so off topic but no its great to talk about it. If I do pull any of this off itll be an alignment of the stars. If the stars align itll then be a miracle if I make any money off of it.

Bukowski said: If youre doing it for money or fame, don't do it. jesus said you cant serve god and mammon

More than not being a consideration in my opinion it cant be a consideration. If your primary concern is generating a cash flow than you've already compromised your vision and in fact it could well be argued that's its not you writing the work but the audience whoever they may be with whatever expectations. When you modify a truth or omit it completely because it makes the story unpalatable to the public or because theres a more generic way to write than you might as well not write at all because theres always a thousand people who will write to the lowest denominator simply and in most cases vacuously. But you have any concern for truth you have to put that aside and tell your truth in your own words and part of that is accepting that you might be a failure and that everything will come to naught.

Roosevelt said 'It is not the critic who counts'. Kipling on the same note wrote 'If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you but make allowance for the doubting too.

Anything else besides this if youre truly pursuing truth is a betrayal of that truth and thus a betrayal of the self.
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