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(and suddenly the goblin was back to answering Nacia's questions, he read this one to himself and then paused a moment before relating something he had half concluded before, explaining "...a minute a day from the age of 20 to retirement age at 65 turns out to be 16425 minutes, or 273hours, or a bit over 11days then, ten minutes would be 110days, an hour would be 660days, which is slightly less than two years there, so that is the price of habit perhaps...", though the goblin remembered that in his childhood and he had often watched whole evenings of television too, he just restarted "...perhaps the answer isn't in whether something is good or bad in itself, so much as whether one actually has a long enough life to do it in, and what exactly one would have done had one not had that distraction there, yes I had many distractions back then while today I follow the news and pursue the interests of dailylife too, dare I say that these are also distractions in their own way, only that if I know that they are distraction now, may I ask what isn't a distraction really, and what my would life be like without those distractions there...")

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