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Originally Posted by Prodigalson View Post
Back when cable TV came into being, people asked, "Why pay for TV?" and the answer was "No commercials".

It's been a long time ago, but I seem to remember MTV being preceded by the short music and comedy videos HBO used to fill in the gaps between movies, as there were no commercials.

People paid good money to watch TV without commercials, and when commercials were finally introduced, they kept paying.

Now you have to pay extra to get what they promised us in the first place (no commercials),plus I pay an extra ten dollars on my cable bill every month to get the broadcast channels which are blowing by in the air for free.

We're suckers.

We ARE suckers. But content is paid for by advertisers or consumers directly. With streaming services I can pay extra for no commercials, and I do. Oh, they still sneak them in sometimes, but I honestly feel like I avoid most of them.

I still take it in the bung-hole living here in America. You canít avoid all the anal rape. If youíre not stupid you can learn to enjoy a good ramming, see the humor in it all, but you canít completely disconnect. Well, you could, but you might become the Unabomber if you did. And nobody wants to be Ted.
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