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For once it’s the other way around. The little looks. Fuck. Those are the ones that get me. Fuck. And for once I can sit, and admire the potential of them. Not be the origin of these moments. It’s hard not to give the full looks. The looks that say: I want you and I know you want me and we could just have, what we want. But there is protocol. There is respect. There are feelings, feelings I am privy to. Maybe it’s harder being a friend than I realize. It’s sure is hard right now. Boundaries and such. Either way, there’s something special about unrequited love. The unfulfilled. It’s ground yet to be sewn. Age of thought and youth of moment. Maybe I’m drunk. Maybe I’m imaging the tensions and the wires. And so I wait. I wait for the ball drop, and the flames to collide, and our stars to align, and our resolves to ignite and solve our inhibitions. And I look at my phone and she hasn’t text back. And it’s probably nothing, or it could be everything. Probably nothing.

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