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10 Minutes, huh? Here goes...

I feel empty inside. It's not an exaggeration to say that Birdie gave me purpose. She was always chipper, so ready for anything. Sure, she wasn't the smartest girl on the planet, but she was an optimist through and through.

She was also lonely in a way that broke my heart. She never wanted for anything - she ate well, had a stable, safe home environment, and any material comfort she desired was provided for her. Money was never a concern for Birdie. But no one ever really got her.

People doted on her, constantly telling her she was pretty, which may well have gone to someone else's head, but not hers. Birdie suffered from low self-esteem. I used to listen as she gave herself pep-talks in the mirror. Telling herself she was worth it -- she really was pretty. She would sit there, preening and primping, batting her eyes at her reflection, spending hours practicing her "come hither" look, working it from every angle until she was satisfied in its flawlessness. The poor thing. All she ever wanted was a man.

No one really understood her - not the real her anyway. I would watch as she tried to talk to people, as she strained to make them understand. She spoke in muted warbles, cocking her head to the side; and she tried squawking and shouting, flinging her arms to the side, but to no avail. They only heard what they wanted to. They just smiled and said, "Pretty Birdie."
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