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“My Life after 20 years”

Today life is made comfortable and easy because of the modern technology. Modern lifestyle is being practiced or the people are adapting on the era now. My life would be cool after 20 years maybe because of the technology. Well my course that I’m trying finish is Computer Engineering, I picked this particular course because I actually based it of what our world will be after years and years of research and updating the knowledge we have about technology. What would the world be after 20 years? It could be possible that computers, robots and other modern technologies might take over how human life runs.
I think schools will only teach topics about computers and technology and how they work. It could be possible that “robots” will actually be a useful machine. They could replace the nurses and doctors for more accurate operations like organ transplant. Humans will no longer work on farms. Humans will only work in researching about how to upgrade machines every gadget. Technology would have been extraordinary nowadays if every human were just studying about machines, computers. Many Satellites would have been launched to outer space. We could have found planets that have the same characteristics of our planet. Diseases could have been spotted quickly with just scanners and treat them using machines and robots. Cars will not be travelling on roads but will be flying. Two decades from now if I graduate with the course of computer engineering, I would love to work in NASA. I love researching. Even thou I’m weak in science and all those elements and whatsoever, but you can’t invent something without science. What I know about computer engineers is that they invent or make something that would help our economy. I want to invent something that no one has believed that it can be made or done. I would just be sitting and researching or just trying to invent something. I will no longer travel and just work at home. Robots will be used as maids and serve humans. Life will be easy and great. Well that would be my vision of my life after 20 years.
Well now technology is the word that we will often encounter throughout our lives. This would be the sign that we are on the modern type of lifestyle. So sad that people born on the 90’s won’t experience the life that we will have after 20 year from now.
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