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repost from elsewhere, infighting again

"...well, it's good to see that we're getting on so well still..." went the goblin not minding what got posted, nor by whom neither, just as long as it actually got posted though, adding ", a post is like a defiance of sorts, where each time one posts it seems to say to oneself "see, you're not quite dead to your surroundings are you, no you're your own mind still, for you can still post, and have just posted this to prove it"..." whereas dailylife was a thief then, for it would have one live for its values alone, its preoccupation with personal concerns, social trappings, and ever just so much homage to that moneygod there too, that's your dailylife isn't it, to which the goblin then added "...alas humans, you can never "know the truth of it", for the truth is ever too big to know in its full, but if it's any consolation to you now, you can always "know the lie of it" instead, where it's hardly "a conspiracy theory" to merely point out to oneself alone their lies now, to swim against that deception still, so your posting on is like swimming on, why, because if you don't post somewhere sometimes then your dailylife wins in your place by you complacence towards it, yes days add up into years with so many minds around you as if drowned in all this preoccupation with dailylife, yet you're not drowned yet are you, no your posts prove it don't they..."

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