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("...just editing here..." went the goblin)

repost from elsewhere

here then the goblin posts his wish once more, something that he has voiced to himself enough, repeating "...well then I wish that I could do the right thing and that the right thing would happen from it..." and yet the goblin also knew that dailylife just wasn't so orderly or cheap like that, frankly dailylife owed one nothing for any of one's actions good or bad now, thus the goblin didn't look to the reward of those actions he did, and thus "those actions" had become all the reward or punishment he could ever expect really, where those actions became just that much more honest whenever he ignored personal gain or loss by it, concluding "...neither heaven nor hell are my motivations in my actions, naah I'm not for sale as I don't look to the consequences of my actions, instead the actions are both those rewards and those punishments in themselves, where indeed often they are a mixture of both too, I still have to choose in my turn though..."

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