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repost from elsewhere, the goblin blessing his anonymity here

"...I'm glad for you, roof over your head and fighting on still..." went the goblin who had decided to stop "lying down to die" as it were, accepting the truth for all that it was but somewhere inside him he was now holding onto hope instead, saying " is ever a backbone to wellbeing xxxxx, thus the old, either in finding themselves in a sexless relationship with their spouse, or quite alone now, feel their worthlessness all the more, yes with me it's been years now, besides I'm not sure if I still could do it even, and no I'll never buy my way out of this as some other men might, but does that mean that I should let myself go here, yes there's no fool like an old fool xxxxx, but the old fool holds onto hope lest he discard his foolishness for his sobriety making him an even bigger fool by it...", "...ah yes, one is all too innocent until later when one's guilt eats away at one goblin, who knows then, perhaps you're not quite dead inside after all, guilty of the thought as it were..." softly whispered the muse's voice in the goblin's ear, where the goblin for his part knew of his guilt now even without his acting upon it, though he wanted her skinship, sighing " die coldly in one's correctness or to burn in one's guilt then..."

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