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repost from elsewhere, chatting with anna

"...well, in my new situation I guess any other love takes a back seat now, meaning what I feel for anyone else is put on hold even if I feel it deeply for what it is, besides I know better than to burden anyone else with this demise..." mentioned the goblin who envisaged the rest of his days as single then, then adding ", what I have to be careful about is not letting this kill me too, as men often follow their wives into their graves, either through the stress of it all, or through that depression afterwards, btw I'm not depressed, I'm a fighter in her battle with the sole intention of doing all I can for her now, where the outcome matters only the context of battling on for as long as she can and wants to battle on, and yes here in switzerland there is an exit from too much pain, so what would I do if she asked for that exit there, why I'd grant it for her, so does this make me a killer, perhaps, but not in my opinion, instead it just gives me my humanity if any, yet till that point though this battles just continues till it rages for some decision..."

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