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Default An explaniton of the Writersbeat shut down.

An explaniton of the Writersbeat shut down.

I love reading mysteries. I hate living mysteries.

Hereís a few facts I think we can all agree on. The WB website disappeared for an unknown time. When it returned it operated differently since the format was changed. The link to go to current posts is gone. The Edit function for posts is hard to find.

Those that run WB are stonewalling all information about what happened. Are they hiding something? Whatís going on?

When informational facts are not provided the mind opens the door to the imagination to explain reality. Waiting for actual facts is actually boring. Once a mind flees from facts anything is possible.

Hereís what my imagination generated.

Putinís cyber pirates identified Writer Beat as a hotbed of provocateurs questioning Trumps sanity. Putin contacted his surrogate, Thump, ordering him to close WB. Trump swung into action and contacted the owners of Writer Beat, via Twitter, to cease and desist all negative comments about his state of his mind. Failure to do so would result in being sued, as well as pay a fine for every negative comment. The owners complied and shut the site down. Then some of moderators pushed back. This caused the owners to put the site back in service. Putin and Trump agreed with this, but insisted that the new site should difficult to use. The owners dug up the original beta design used when WB was first launched and brought the site back online.

Now, before my friends and foes here jump all over me to prove it, letís agree that without factual information all suppositions have the same value. I have presented my supposition explaining the recent shut down of WB. If you have a better one, letís hear it.

Thanks for reading this. wrc


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