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Anyone who reads Lecomte du Nuoy's books realizes that what he says is true, that a man of science without imagination is not a true scientist. He must be able to formulate an hypothesis, or he is only a tabulator of facts. He must have the divine imagination and power of visualization to step out of his supposition and prove it; so, also, must we be able to leap the gap from facts which are known to those facts which are yet dimly discerned.

So, there you have it; what you are is merely a "tabulator of facts."

The above cannot be bullshit. It came from the mind of a scientist who saw the light.

A true scientist needs vision. He or she needs to be able to ask the hard questions and then dig with their hands for answers. Otherwise, the person isn't a scientist but merely someone who is milking the system for a paycheck or from fear.

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