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....not quite sure what to make of this except to say "shitty" is selling yourself short..... It's almost more poetry than fiction. Death being female was an interesting twist But that's just me

Spelling/punctuation is minor at this point and can be fixed later....

A rather entertaining twist at first-- Death coming and not taking a life. This might be something to explore if you want to flesh this out further.

What might become of this if it were fleshed out? Do you even want to flesh it out? What I mean by that is.... Short Story? Novelette? Full novel? If you do flesh it out, do you want to focus on Death's relationship to the heroine? The heroine's relationship with Death? Does the heroine actually defeat Death in some way (now THAT is when it starts getting interesting)....etc. Etc. Etc. Happy Writing

That I leave up to you
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