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Originally Posted by JohnConstantine View Post
reposts from Empathy thread:

This second one really drills down into the problem of defining love only by its ideal conception. It is philosophically sound to say that a thing can never be its opposite. Love cannot be hate. We might be able to say love is an amalgam of things such as trust, honour and respect? But, I imagine Socrates asking something like this:

'Say your child is a heroin addict, circumstances dictate that you cannot trust them, but naturally you still love them. Now you have two seemingly incompatible parallels, ie: love and distrust. Now these might 'not cross but exist at the same time' the question then is whether distrust invalidates love? If not then it proves the possibility for relationships to be at once toxic and loving... which is problematic but in my experience true. If one does invalidate the other then we're back to a significant amount of human relationships lacking love altogether. And pure love, if you will, being very rare.
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