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("...found it..." went the goblin who had been reminded of a song he had heard in this childhood while on this topic of love then, which together with the beatles "hey jude" must have been the two tracks he had played to death on a small portable record player in his bedroom, though the month, perhaps months even, is a blur now, just that london has four months of winter followed by six months of indecision on its part, same track for sure but it didn't sound like it did back then, so the goblin listened in and recalled it's bitter sweetness, and then snapping out of it he closed the tab abruptly, saying "...just pay respects and walk away, for it's nothing like today, moreover my parents are long dead, the old house is sold on, even the country is left there too, ah no, nothing there for me now, so I repeat what I said before that in wintertime "love" is all about letting go lest one becomes like a ghost haunting one's past for something that won't ever return, naah I'm not a ghost like that, well not yet anyway, but the temptation to cling back becoming like that ghost is ever there within me still, so instead I render unto dailylife its met price of conformity, while taking from this internet here that form that most suits my nature now...")

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