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Originally Posted by poirot View Post
Word it however you like, it means the same thing. Wanting to "discuss" examples of what I believe normalizes abuse is judgmental and seeking justification.
I don't think so. Discussing just provides and opportunity to explain how you arrived at your opinion. Providing examples can be part of how you do that. I'm interested in what informs people's opinions and beliefs. I think it's a natural inclination for a writer.

Otherwise, this is a discussion forum. But I think there are some people here who believe their comments are sufficiently interesting by themselves, outside of any kind of conversation or exchange that might require an explanation or examples. And that is very rarely the case. (And that includes my comments.)

On top of that, there’s the idea that any kind of disagreement or request for an explanation or clarification is automatically confrontational.

Add it all up, and you have a surefire formula for boring threads that are nothing more than a string of watered-down, unrelated “opinions.” Thanks, but no thanks.

Originally Posted by poirot View Post
I have the feeling Motley is a teen, who hopefully will learn by example. Your example of acceptable behavior, in this case, is poor. And since you specified elsewhere that you have a child, unless I am confusing you with someone else, means you should already have the maturity to teach by example. Am I wrong?
Motley is not my child.

And if he's old enough to make a comment that assumes I don't understand something based on not having read the classics, then I think I can take a little poke at him for not bothering to proof his posts. This is a writing forum after all.

Is that really so egregious that you feel it's necessary to alert the authorities?

Sorry, but that seems kind of hypersensitive to me, and it assumes that he can't take care of himself. And if indeed Motley is a teen, thinking back to my teen years, I would have thought your intervention was rather condescending and unnecessary.

So yes, since you are asking, I think you are wrong.

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