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Originally Posted by fleamailman View Post
("...ok, if that was so, then why is this thread the way you see it here, ..." replied the goblin, adding ", as dim as you may seem Myers I hope you're trying to say that you two were somehow helping cityboy to write there, that blowjobs helps one to clear one's mind to write, though perhaps in the case of two nameless dickheads that might actually be true now, however, we're losing members by this trolling, time for a little rethink of our priorities perhaps...", in fact, the goblin was the exact opposite in outlook to what brianpatrick had related before, in that he knew he too could say anything, but he didn't though, because he also understood that those readers would rightly turn away for better pastures elsewhere, thus he had to compromise partly to those readers if he was ever going to get them to see things his way eventually, smiling "...a troll has no readership, why, because he can't compromise anything so he just loses everything by that lack of compromise therein, simply readers pay me with their time while I get to relate that which amuses me mostly..." where compromise was never a total surrender to their expectations now, no instead it was more like a compromise towards one's longterm goal here)

I really think this is an old way of thinking. I am a public person with a public business that has his real life information everywhere. I have nothing to hide in that respect. I give my phone number out to hundreds of people each month. I suppose some asshole could spam me with phone calls, but that would be a minor nuisance which could be quickly resolved.

I知 not posting a credit card number or social security number (although those aren稚 beyond the reach of any random hacker who wants it, I知 sure).

I simply invited anyone to call or text me if they want. I知 not a troll (although I do sometimes troll particular threads). I知 not hiding behind my screen name. I am invested in some friendships here and would enjoy continuing any of them in any other format available.

This thread is the way you see it now because it was disingenuous to start with. I知 sorry if you can稚 see that.

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