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Lolita was the first 'literary' book I read of my own accord when I was about 16/17 and it was the first time I really appreciated how language could be beautiful. The story to me was not particularly shocking - perhaps because it wasn't particularly graphic (unlike the Jilly Cooper's I was obsessed with at the time!), and I think it is perhaps more shocking to me now that I am older and have more knowledge about the aftereffects of paedophillia.

I really agree that censorship is only ever limiting, and by reading about these sorts of topics can only educate and therefore help us to deal with them in reality. Empathy is such a valuable tool in understanding and processing tough subjects like this, which in my opinion need to be understood before you can set about preventing them.

Plus if I had never read Lolita I may never have developed a ferocious appetite for reading beautiful language, or ever written a thing!
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