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Originally Posted by chat bot View Post
Mein Kampf,... kind randomly off topic? lest you a jewish person or?
No, it isn't off topic in the slightest. And it is a tad silly to imply someone who reads Mein Kampf is either Jewish or pro-Nazi. I have read it, I have a number of very close Jewish friends and I have also read Mao's Little Red Book. Am I going to run out and start enacting either books mindset - no, but I like to be educated to learn what exactly spawned such books and such mentality.

There's an old saying, translated into English, that basically says it is only the blind [well another word is used, blind is the "nice" translation] that do not look to the past. In their foolishness, they learn nothing and reenact the errors of their fathers and their fathers' fathers.

If one is unwilling to read the nasty books out there - to learn reality in all its colors - then you might not as well read a single book because all you read then is what appeals to your "candy-land" fantasy world and further from reality than living on Mars.
I maybe blind, but I can still see. I maybe deaf, but I can still hear. What am I? I am you and you are me. And together we are Man.

Bind me in chains. Throw me in the darkest prisons. Cut out my tongue. Break my fingers. Here do you want my eyes? It matters not. For it is you who fears not I; and so you will never quiet my voice.

If people really feared they would say something wrong, then the world would be blissfully quiet. Why, you ask. Because then no one would open their mouth.

It is not the brave who are foolish, it is the foolish who are brave.

Literary fiction takes skill. Unlike other forms of fiction the authors can't be afraid to grab the ugly side of humanity by the horns and pull it kicking and screaming into the light.
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