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Originally Posted by Luciaphile View Post
Looks to me like you are Aladdin, and you've just discovered the goblin sitting on top of all the gold in the cave! Thanks for adding a detail to keep you from floating around unanchored. I like to assume it is true, at least in this context, right?
("...well it all kind of boils down to two choices really, that of being an aging wendy or an ageless peter pen, where both have their pros and cons I guess but where oddly there's a certain honesty to oneself at least in remaining anonymous, but there's also an understanding that one cannot own anything by it, one is just read here and that's an end to it..." started the goblin hoping that Debbie's being on writersbeat would forward her towards her readers and get her even more known than she is already, being her choice between those two choices then, whereas the goblin himself sought only to become a known unknown at best, smiling "...ah yes, nothing like anonymous recognition now is there, but I can't write without that feeling that they're reading me in these posts now, and that just maybe that they might want to reply back too, me I just love the liveness of these posts, and what it means to have all forumland to walk across...", whereupon the goblin then drew a circle in the air to reveal a small table and upon it only the finest filtered coffee now and a whole plateload of homemade biscuits too, before turning to Debbie with a hand gesture of help yourself then, then adding "...this is for writing that great composition "willoh and wo", btw I'll be in the writers cafe if you should care for company, the readership is good, and the readers are most welcome too, but to be honest now it's not the readers but the repliers that feed me my thoughts if any...")

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