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Originally Posted by Chinspinner View Post
("...naah, you're just trying to corrupt me again, I mean who ever heard of a goblin who actually used paragraphs now, why next you'll request "full stops please" then other such sillinesses as "colons" and "semi colons", none of which those thumb texting readers understand I might add, and where if the text ever needed a paragraph in it then it actually needs two posts instead, meaning the post to me at least is more like a picture, its content is its view, its brushstrokes is its style, its hitcount is its popularity, and the whole effect speaks of its painter to you, where thankfully no one goes around saying "look here, you've got to paint like everyone does", thus I'm as you see me here..." related the goblin never one to follow the crowd like that, then adding "...moreover, omitting the paragraph shortens the post, where what's the second thing someone first notes when coming across a post on a forum, "its length" after "whose post" I imagine...", where clearly each line that the goblin then added, especially those space-lines now, brought him just that many lines closer to that dreaded tl;dr limit that would cost him the reader's read for his assumptions, where not all readers across forumland were as generous concerning length as most writertypes would wish them to be, thus his smile then grew into a mischievous grin with the final words "...ah but I never ask you nor anyone else to write as I do, but then again such oddities are often better remembered in their absence than the correct way to write things are..." whereupon the goblin added a paragraph below the text here just to thank Chinspinner for having welcomed him without so much as a welcome then)

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