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("...what would be more mine than that which I never hold on to by design..." replied the goblin knowing that Grace had her commitments elsewhere, that dailylife with her littleman there that depended upon her for real, so she came and went as she pleased, before adding " switzerland we're taught to pretend that the famous aren't such, and to just let them be too, that pretence I extend to you then, but secretly I want your signed autograph, and to go out of my way to be in your proximity...", in fact, the goblin started this thread with the same intro he always did whenever he landed somewhere, if only because he had practised "welcomes" often enough he felt, whereas now he could practice those "thankyous" too, adding " share my madness, they'll remember you and me perhaps, but if not then what does it matter as we'll still have had an adventure that only the mad can share in...")

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