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("...yes geneva is cooling down indeed but it never gets as cold, nor real cold neither, well not like those other cities you mentioned there do..." replied the goblin thanking the hipo for welcoming him now, then adding "...but I shouldn't decide your persona here, maybe you'd like to be something other than a hipo now, it's just that most folks don't bother to remember usernames, and where writers depending solely upon their pen-names defeat the whole purpose of being here to be remembered I imagine, whereas a persona like hipo for you and a goblin for me just sinks into the memory and can't be forgotten however much one tries to...", another day off in the bistro again, the old man was seated opposite the table where a little girl held an enormous bun like a baton while her father likewise held a beer in his, they wait it seems and not much a conversation throughout too, as clearly they been told to wait there and amuse themselves by the mother who was no doubt shopping in the nearby coop, and the goblin too could that sense that the old man was remembering back while looking on, so the goblin just waved his finger at him sternly with a "no don't do that" gesture, as the old man looked back at the goblin, smiled his apology with those heavy eyes of his, and then typed on at whatever he was typing at, so the goblin turned back to the hipo now, saying "...sorry about him then, it's just that one has to protect the old from their memories, so that's my role here I guess, and if he didn't have me to reassure now, most would say he was a bit knocked off even...", the old man's fingers didn't even flinch form his keyboard at that utterance, no it was just normal as it were, where normal could be so individual too)

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