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("...thanks, I'm just posting my old welcomes again, you've probably seen this one before but if you haven't, enjoy..." went the goblin)

repost from elsewhere

the goblin welcomed Nick Pierce to a seemingly normal forum with average members upon it, perhaps guessing that somehow he too had realized that something was amiss here, that they were, all to a man, just KGB agents just practicing to be humdrum housewives, "...yes, you're asking yourself how in your heart you knew this all along, that is how when comrade admin appealed to her fellow proletariat members to rally up against the constraints of capitalism, you couldn't quite buy into the hidden bolshevik ideology there..." said the goblin pausing for the exact words again, he then continued ", like me you didn't fall for it because their deception was in its way just too perfect to be real so it had to be false then...", "...brilliant holmes..." came the voice in the background as the goblin's three pipe solution was once more pressed into his pipe "...elementary my dear fellow, no one can post on this forum longer than three weeks without going mad, and the rest was just a simple deduction from there then...", where somehow the solution smoldered away in the goblin's mind now


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